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In late July, 603 Drones, LLC was asked by GTV to provide aerial footage of Goffstown’s public parks. The intended use was an informational video highlighting the features and attractions of the parks, their accessibility to residents, and the care and maintenance that the town puts into them.

Barnard Park

We met with GTV Director Adam McCune at the first location, Barnard Park, and began our shoot. The park itself is a beautiful spread of land that features a full running/walking track, a football/soccer/other sports field, a playground, a basketball court and, perhaps the most popular feature, a public swimming pool. Oh, and tennis courts. Can’t forget the tennis courts! Although the layout of the park is easy to discern from the ground, it turned out to be a rather lovely location from the air, too, as the amount of greenery combined with the rich colors of the track, courts, and pool all combined for some beautiful scenery.

Roy Park

After we finished up at Barnard, we drove across town to Roy Park. Roy Park is located in the slightly more urban end of Goffstown colloquially known as “Pinardville”. It is a quaint little gem situated just off Mast Road and features a swimming pool, new playground, and a large baseball/softball field. This shoot was slightly trickier as the park is more compact than Barnard and we had to ensure we were abiding by FAA regulations governing overflight of crowds while trying to get the shots we needed. FAA compliance is very important to us as sUAV operators and we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously.

The resulting video included ground footage of the parks combined with interviews with the Director of Parks and Recreation. Have a look below to see a great example of the kind of aerial footage services we provide!

Author: Jeremy

Jeremy Jones is the founder of 603 Media Group and 603 Drones, LLC. He is a FAA Part 107 pilot and has experience flying multiple Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) platforms in commercial applications. He is also versed in both state and federal regulations as they relate to commercial vs hobbyist sUAS operations and helps new remote pilots to navigate these very tricky subjects.

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