Martignetti Website Video

Martignetti Companies of NH 603 Drones, LLC had the pleasure earlier this summer of being asked by Martignetti Companies of New Hampshire to create a website introduction video. The goal was to show off the ambiance of their beautiful office space in the historic mill district in Manchester, New Hampshire. They asked to have a …
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Video Production Services

Live Free Structured Sober Living Every now and then, a project comes along that you find aligns perfectly with your own ideals and the things you believe in. We recently had the opportunity to perform video production services for just such a project in Manchester, New Hampshire, and we’re very proud not only of the …
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3D Modeling Services

3D Modeling for Architectural Use One of the many services we provide here at 603 Drones, LLC, is 3D modeling. Using a combination of aerial imaging and advanced software platforms, we are able to capture highly-detailed, 3-dimensional, fully-manipulable digital models of any building or structure. These models are then delivered to our clients for use …
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The Historic Manchester Millyard

An Aerial View of the Manchester Millyard We’ve been wanting to capture some visuals of the historic Manchester Millyard for quite a while but time and airspace restrictions have held us back. And, because we pride ourselves on operating legally and not violating FAA regulations as so many others do, we were determined to wait …
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Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAVs or drones) are playing the role of disruptor across multiple industries formerly only served by big-dollar providers.  Up until just a few short years ago, if you wanted quality aerial footage for any type of use, you had to hire a helicopter or fixed-wing airplane to do the work for you.  That could potentially cost thousands of dollars!  Not so with modern drone photography.

Today, thanks to the ever-accelerating industry of miniaturization, high-quality digital imaging can be achieved for a fraction of that cost.  If that doesn’t get you excited to explore the possibilities, check your pulse.  Better yet, check out 603 Drones, LLC and let us show how you can elevate your digital imaging to new heights over your competition!

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sUAV photography and videography is much more affordable!


Our technology allows you to view your results in real-time, if desired!


sUAVs can get the images that full-scale aircraft just can't reach!

603 Drones, LLC pilots are FAA Part 107 certified.

Regulations and safety protocols exist for the safety of every person who operates within the national airspace. As sUAV pilots, we take these concerns very seriously which is why we were among the first in the state of New Hampshire to attain certification under the new FAA Part 107 regulations governing the operation of small unmanned aerial vehicles. You see, we are more than just "hobbyist" drone pilots. In fact, we are striving to be New Hampshire's premiere provider of professional, safe, and quality aerial imaging services!

Additionally, we have been granted ATC Wide Area Authorization for operations within the controlled airspace around many of New England's larger airports including Manchester, Concord, Pease, Nashua, Lebanon, Boston, Lawrence, and Bedford. This means your operations can be imaged legally and without the potential compliance headaches caused by using unauthorized drone operators.


At 603 Drones, LLC, our principal workhorse is the DJI Inspire airframe. With four powerful motors, a sleek aerodynamic carbon-fiber frame, and an impressive array of digital imaging platforms available, the Inspire is an industry standard for commercial applications and has proven to be a capable aerial vehicle for our customers' needs. For larger cinematography projects, we work with the DJI S900 and S1000 series hexacopter and octocopter platforms with dSLR payloads.
Image of DJI Inspire 1 Pro