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Image of Brookstone Park by Drone

Aerial Imaging of Brookstone Park and Golf

Two weeks ago, 603 Drones, LLC was hired by the team at Brooks Properties to perform aerial imagery of one of their flagship properties – Brookstone Park in Derry, New Hampshire. Their goal was to update their marketing material with a combination of recent still and video imagery showing off the grounds during the beautiful Autumn foliage season. Additionally, they asked to have an individual video flyover of each of the nine holes on the course.

Knowing that the weather was forecast to be gorgeous that day and that enthusiasts would want to be out on the course, we worked with the client to get an early start. After introductions were made and we requisitioned a golf cart for ourselves (of course!), we set out to begin our work while the morning sun was barely above the horizon. Unfortunately, this made for some challenging long shadows in places, but it also made for a mostly empty course.

Image of Brookstone Park by Drone
The beautiful Brookstone Park in Derry, New Hampshire.

Brookstone Park is a lovely nine-hole, par 3 course and it was a pleasure spending the next several hours wandering around it dutifully capturing our imagery. The Autumn foliage was in bright display which made for incredibly vibrant footage and photos. We burned through eight batteries over the course of nearly four hours and walked away with a lot of really great material for our client. Our only complaint was the relatively high wind which one can see in the large American flag flying on the property. We were glad of our decision to use our Inspire airframes for this job as they held mostly rock-steady even in the worst of the gusts.

Image of Brookstone Park by Drone
The 18-hole mini-golf course at Brookstone Park in Derry, New Hampshire.

This was not our first golf course project for a client but it was definitely one of the more beautiful results thanks to the season and the weather. As we race into November in just a couple of days, we can’t wait to start thinking about the golf course work that lies ahead in early 2020!

Author: Jeremy

Jeremy Jones is the founder of 603 Media Group and 603 Drones, LLC. He is a FAA Part 107 pilot and has experience flying multiple Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) platforms in commercial applications. He is also versed in both state and federal regulations as they relate to commercial vs hobbyist sUAS operations and helps new remote pilots to navigate these very tricky subjects.

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