603 Drones, LLC offers aerial imaging and other drone services to both private and business clients in the greater New England region.

It is our goal to offer our clients the most cost-effective and comprehensive drone services packages in the region. We are a division of an established digital media and photography services company with a great reputation for customer satisfaction and we are proud to carry that tradition of service to our aerial offerings.

Image of 3D Modeling by Drone

Orthomosaic and 3D Imaging

We offer high-resolution orthomosaic images so you can get the full perspective of your property or construction project!

Additionally, we offer 3D renderings of your architecture to assist with planning, site modeling, and digital historical preservation.

Image of Alice Peck Day MSC by Drone

Commercial Imaging

Aerial imaging services for real estate, commercial sites, and municipalities.

These basic services can also be utilized for construction site progress monitoring and asset tracking.

Image of Video Production for Live Free SSL

Marketing Videography

Whether you need still or video imaging for marketing or presentation purposes, we have the technology and the expertise you need to bring your project from the drawing board to completion.

Image of Drone Infrastructure Inspection

Tower Inspections

Keep your employees safely on the ground and let our high-resolution cameras capture the images and data you need!

Our systems allow us to maintain a safe standoff of 30 feet from all infrastructure while still delivering the quality images your data team requires!

Image of Drone Thermal Imaging

Thermal Inspections

We offer a range of thermal imaging services to both private and industrial clients that help identify energy loss issues, roof water retention, overworked HVAC units, etc. Thermal imaging provides immediate identification of issues that could be severely impacting your bottom line!

Image of Stockpile Analysis by Drone

Material Stockpile Analysis

Volumetric analysis of large material stockpiles is essential to your company’s cost-saving efforts.  Simplifying that process by working with us gives you an easier and more efficient method of handling those calculations.

Image of Aerial Event Coverage

Event Coverage

We offer aerial event coverage services including standard photography/videography, crowd studies, and security awareness.