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Martignetti Companies of NH

603 Drones, LLC had the pleasure earlier this summer of being asked by Martignetti Companies of New Hampshire to create a website introduction video. The goal was to show off the ambiance of their beautiful office space in the historic mill district in Manchester, New Hampshire. They asked to have a combination of aerial imagery and a small selection of interior footage that could be pieced together to make a short, but insightful, view into their operations.

Martignetti handles a wide range of liquor accounts and their offices are a testimony to their commitment to their clients and their tradecraft. Beautiful wooden floors, the echoing footfalls through the wide factory-floor hallways, and a purpose-built cocktail lounge right off the main hall are all part and parcel of the work that is done here.

The mill building that Martignetti resides in is located right in downtown Manchester in a 0′ altitude block of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Facility Grid Map. What does that mean? Well, it means that, even with our standing FAA Part 107.41 Wide Area Authorization for the Manchester airspace, we still had to get special permission from Air Traffic Control (ATC) to perform the mission. Once that was acquired through a process known as “further coordination” with ATC, we were cleared to begin.

In the end, we delivered a clean, welcoming intro that will be used as the first visual potential clients see when visiting their website. Like what you see? Let us know how we can help deliver similar results for YOUR business!

Author: Jeremy

Jeremy Jones is the founder of 603 Media Group and 603 Drones, LLC. He is a FAA Part 107 pilot and has experience flying multiple Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) platforms in commercial applications. He is also versed in both state and federal regulations as they relate to commercial vs hobbyist sUAS operations and helps new remote pilots to navigate these very tricky subjects.

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