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Image of Old Goffstown Mill

UPDATE, July 2, 2019:  This post is from 2017.  For a more recent look at the architectural 3D modeling we have begun performing on this property, please have a look at the video here: 15 Factory Street 3D Pix4D Model.

For those who live in Goffstown Village – or anyone who has ever driven through this little community – the brick mill building and accompanying smokestack on the banks of the Piscataquog River is a recognized and beloved landmark. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection of the property, it is also a bit of an eyesore. Most of the buildings and other structures on the property are dilapidated from years of disuse (one structure has even fully collapsed on itself) and the grounds have become overgrown with young trees and other invasive vegetation. Over the years, multiple attempts have been made by developers to try and purchase the property for redevelopment but none of those attempts have ever seen fruition.

Image of Old Mill in Winter
Old Mill in Winter

In July of this year, we were contacted by a company out of Massachusetts, Charter Development, who had begun an effort to purchase the property and was proposing an ambitious housing development that they felt was well-suited to the local community. To compliment and help explain their concept, they knew that aerial imagery would offer the best viewpoint for their various presentation needs. After speaking with the principal contact from Charter on the telephone, we arranged to meet at the property and discuss a plan of attack. Essentially, what they wished to highlight were all four directional angles of the property but with some specific requests for each shot. For example, the North-looking shot needed to include the Main Street area of the The Village so that it gave a sense of community, while the South-looking shot needed to highlight the view from the property of the local Uncanoonuc Mountains, and so on. We assured the client that we could deliver exactly what they needed and came back the following day to get to work.

Image of Old Mill Building
Aerial view of the old Factory Street mill building in Goffstown Village.
Image of Old Mill Building
Aerial view of the old Factory Street mill building in Goffstown Village.
Image of Smokestack
Aerial imaging of the old smokestack adjacent to the mill. At full resolution, detailed evaluation of the architecture is possible.

For the final delivery, the client received two of their preferred images as 36″x24″ posters printed on foamcore backing. These were to be used for front-of-audience presentation purposes. They then provided two of the images to an architectural design artist who overlaid his concept renderings on the aerial images to give a sense of realism to the concept. As an added service, we threw in some aerial footage of the smokestack for their use in demonstrating the structural integrity of the masonry prior to having a full inspection performed. By project’s end, the client received exactly what they had asked for and we walked away feeling proud of the work we delivered on time, on budget, and fully meeting their expectations!

Image of Artist Rendering
Concept illustration of proposed Factory Street project by Goffstown artist Randy Knowles.

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